GAD-EL is a well-known importing, marketing and servicing company of municipal equipment. in more then 3 decades the company  gained its reputaion by importing hundreds of machines to Israel of various types.

Both General Managers have a seniority of more then 35 years in this field and the company keeps a fine and proved service line to dozens satisfied customers, among them most of the big municipalities, local councils,

most of the contractors and public authorities such as: Ports and Railways Authorities, Israel Airports Authority, Israel Defense Force, Israel Post,

Israel Electric co. etc…

The company is located at Haifa Bay, spreads over approx. 4,000 meters including its offices and a large central garage, controlled and licensed Traffic Authority.

The garage is managed by a qualified Garage Manager, authorized by the Traffic Authority, to license road sweepers and to repair its various systems: hydraulics, electric, brakes and steering.

The technicians team gets initiated guidance courses planed by the different machines’ manufacturers, granting a Qualification diploma for repairs and maintenance of the different machines.

The company’s store is computerized, fulfilling all customer’s requirments including spare parts supplied for the after sale service.

The Service clerks answer the calls and schedule service, repairs and maintenance.

The Marketing and the sales Manager visit the customers on a regular basis, keeping in touch, controlling and monitoring the service given and the marketing process.

Company Office
Company Office
Company Office

I.S.O 9001

GAD-EL Applies ISO 9001 2008 standards and an additional internal control system to keep the customers’ satisfied. The staff maintain close reltionships with the customers, planting confidence the products causing them to repurchase at ours.


GAD-EL has mobile service vehicles giving solutions to customers at their own premises.

The vehicles are equipped with spare parts, reinforced as per customer’s call. The technicians have professional classification and they were instructed and authorized by the manufacturers in the various fields – mechanism, hydraulics and electric.

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